Sometimes I Feel As If I Walked In In The Middle Of The Movie

Sometimes when I watch (or listen to) the news, I get the feeling that I’ve walked in in the middle of the movie–I have no idea what has gone on before or how it all fits together.  For any of you out there who may have that feeling about the Coleman/Franken recount going on in Minnesota, the Minnesota Star Tribune has the perfect page for you.  They have put up a page of frequently asked questions about the recount.  The most interesting part of the story–

“The recount must be finished by Friday , and the Canvassing Board will meet Dec. 16 to certify results; it aims to finish that job by Dec. 19, but will take longer if necessary. The winner is supposed to be sworn into office on Jan. 3, but that’s assuming there is a clear winner by then.”

There is a possibility of the US Senate getting involved in this (because the Democrats control the Senate, they would probably seat Franken), but this would be such a public-relations nightmare, I can’t imagine them being willing to get involved.  Minnesota is a unique state politically–these are the people who elected Jesse Ventura as governor.