When People In Politics Forget The Rules

Scott Johnson at Power Line posted an article today about the antics practiced in Wisconsin in recent years by those attempting to remove and tarnish Governor Walker. The (so-called) legal basis for the attacks was the John Doe law.  In a 2015 article, I told the story of the John Doe Law being used as the basis for a swat-team-like invasion of a home where a teenager was home alone. The pretext for the invasion was coordination between conservative groups and Scott Walker’s campaign for governor. Please follow the link to the article to read the entire story–it is chilling.

Scott Johnson reports:

On Wednesday, a Wisconsin judge unsealed an 88-page report on the state Department of Justice’s (WIDoJ) investigation into a leak of sealed evidence from the politically motivated “John Doe” investigation of Gov. Scott Walker, his supporters, and various conservative groups related to his recall election campaign. The 88-page report is posted here.

The report lacks an executive summary. The pseudonymous Warren Henry summarizes and comments on the report for the Federalist in “Bombshell report: Political persecution of Scott Walker swept up high-level GOP officials.” Mike Kittle summarizes and comments on the report for Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute in “DOJ report: Wisconsin’s infamous John Doe was more sinister than first reported.”

The events reported in this report do not belong in a representative republic. Unfortunately, I suspect some of these intimidation tactics are being currently used to block the agenda of President Trump. They were not successful when they were used against Governor Walker, and hopefully they will not be successful when used against President Trump.

The article concludes:

The wrongdoing now detailed in the WIDoJ report is of the deeply fascist variety that exceeds my poor powers of denunciation. Suffice it to say that it combines the instruments of tyranny — physical torture omitted — in the service of the suppression of conservatives. The story is shocking almost beyond belief. One might ask where the outrage is, but at this point we should probably ask if anyone is paying attention.

All of the people involved in these activities belong in jail. I’m not holding my breath, but they belong in jail.