The Rats May Be Deserting The Sinking Ship

I used to live in Massachusetts–the land of Whitey Bulger. When Bulger was finally caught, a friend who was in a position to know said to me, “If you went back and looked at retirees and deaths in recent months in federal and state law enforcement, you would probably be able to figure out who was protecting Whitey Bulger for all this time. That person is probably now out of power and that is how Whitey Bulger got caught after so many years.” Take this word of wisdom and apply it to all of the information currently coming out about Uranium One, Hillary’s email server, and all of the other scandals involving the Clintons and the Obama Justice Department.

Yesterday The Gateway Pundit posted an article asking the question, “Who Let Hillary Clinton Keep Computer Server Nearly Two Years After Leaving State Dept?”

It is significant that all this information is coming to the surface now. Some of the information is not new. I suspect that many of the people involved in questionable government activities during the Obama Administration assumed Hillary Clinton would be elected and their activities would never be revealed. Those plans changed when Donald Trump was elected. As much as we have watched the media try to destroy him, he has just not laid down and died. I also suspect that some of the people who were involved in various scandals might be getting a bit nervous because of the continuing references to ‘draining the swamp.’ It may be that by talking to the current administration about what went on, the guilty parties may be looking to have their misdeeds overlooked and treated more gently.

A lot of what is currently happening reveals a certain desperation among Democrats trying to remove President Trump from office before the full scope of their misdeeds in office is revealed.