Proposition 8 And The California Courts

There is an article in today’s The Wall Street Journal about what has happened since California voters approved Proposition 8.  There have been attacks focused on the Mormon religion and those who practice it–a Book of Mormoon has been burned, envelopes of white powder have been mailed to Mormon Churches, and Mormon Churches and businesses have been picketed.  It needs to be pointed out that in California, gay Americans have marriage in every way but the name–so it’s not a matter of civil rights–it’s a matter of the name.  The California Courts overruled the last vote against gay marriage.  Hopefully, they will not overrule this one also.  If they do, what is the point of voting?

Just a note–I live in Massachusetts where judges decided that gay marriage was a good idea.  Some of us have been trying to get gay marriage on the ballot for the past four or five years, but the state legislature won’t even let us vote on it.  (Massachusetts is a one-party Democrat state).  Somehow, we have lost the ability to make our voices heard on certain issues, and because the Democrat party in Massachusetts controls the government, that is not likely to change.