Be Careful What You Wear On Thanksgiving

According to The Los Angeles Times, kindergarten students in Claremont, California, will not be dressing up for Thanksgiving this year.  In the past, the students had gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving wearing handmade headdresses, bonnets and fringed vests.  One of the mothers of a student was quoted as saying:

“There is nothing to be served by dressing up as a racist stereotype.”

According to the article, some parents were planning to send their children to school in their costumes anyway, and others were planning to keep their children home the day after Thanksgiving as a protest.

Thanksgiving is an American tradition.  There were Indians, and there were Pilgrims.  They may not have looked exactly like the costumes the children made, but I think this ‘junior reinactment’ described in the article was a really good idea–I’m sure it made history come alive for these kindergarteners.  I think the protesters need to relax a bit.