The Saga Continues

Yesterday’s Minnesota Star Tribune reported that the Coleman-Franken election may be determined by rejected absentee ballots.  I think it’s a good idea that all absentee ballots should be looked at carefully, but I hope that common sense will be used in reexamining them and deciding the intent (and legality) of the voter.  As of Saturday night, Norm Coleman had a 180 vote lead over Al Franken.  According to the article–

“In a race this tight, the difference could come down to clerical errors on absentee ballots or even a challenge of Minnesota’s law governing such ballots.

“Campaigns over the years have challenged anything and everything,” said recount expert Timothy Downs, principal author of “The Recount Primer” who has been involved in most major recounts over the years, including the biggest: Gore vs. Bush in 2000. Downs’ co-author, Chris Sautter, hit the ground in Minneapolis last week as part of Franken’s recount team.”

As I said, the saga continues.