I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help You

This Executive Order is truly under the radar.  Today the Canada Free Press posted an article about an Executive Order signed by President Obama on June 9, 2011.  The executive order established the White House Rural Council with 25 executive branch departments including Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, National Drug Control, Environmental Quality, Labor, Commerce, Interior, Environmental Protection Agency, Housing, Health, Education, and others. 

The article reports:

“Roger K. Lewis suggests that “smart growth” was designed by market forces driven by “green building.” He makes no mention of Agenda 21 and ICLEI objectives and intrusion into our society since the early 1970s or the agreement signed in 1992 that went under the radar of the American people’s understanding of the complex negative ramifications for our economy and our liberties.

“I have not met Americans who think, “sprawl-producing planning, zoning and mortgage templates are obsolete” as the author claims. Would Americans willingly give up their land and homes with or without compensation in exchange for a move to a densely populated high-rise, with no parking garages, no access to cars, like rats fenced in a grey concrete maze?”

There is no way Washington should be allowed to create more government employees to control rural America.  I am not sure what recourse Congress or the American people have in dealing with an Executive Order.  However, this Executive Order seems to be in violation of the Tenth Amendment.  Some of the logic behind this order is distrubing.

“It is obvious that “smart growth plans” or Agenda 21 designed by United Nations will affect our future choices in how we live and where. EPA will be involved and will twist the arms of those who do not adopt “smart growth plans,” denying grants to states and cities and levying other penalties. By the time Americans realize the implications of Agenda 21“smart growth,they will lose their homes and lands with no compensation. At least people who lost property under Eminent Domain have been compensated.

“The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is a conglomerate of 600 national, regional, and local government associations who promote “sustainable development” and protection of the environment because of man-made global warming that does not exist.

“”Sustainable development” is the United Nations effort to contain and limit economic development in developed countries and thus control population growth. It is “sustainable de-growth,” plain and simple. The focus is “low-income agriculture” and to set limits on the developed world.”

America, like the rest of the world, is going through a rough economic patch right now.  I happen to think that the reason we have not fully come out of the current recession has to do with the policies currently being implemented by the current White House and Congress.  I believe that a change of administration in 2012 will remedy a lot of America’s current economic problems.  Our prosperity as a country has always been related to the freedom of our people.  Freedom is a concept that the current United Nations does not understand.

As I have said before, I don’t know what can be done about an Executive Order, but we need to get rid of this one as soon as possible.