This Is An Amazing Choice

The Associated Press is reporting in the Boston Herald today that Dr. Ben Carson has been chosen by President-elect Trump to become secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is a wonderful choice for many reasons. Dr. Carson is brilliant and not tainted by previous Washington experience. Therefore, his thinking will not be ‘inside the box’ of the usual Washington elites. Also, because Dr. Carson grew up in a one-parent household headed by a mother who could not read, he is personally acquainted with the struggles that accompany poverty in America. The other part of this choice is that Dr. Carson believes in helping people escape poverty–not simply paying them to stay there. Our welfare system has not improved the poverty rate, and we have been throwing money at poverty for fifty years. It is time to find a solution to poverty that might actually work, and I believe that if it can be found, Dr. Carson will find it.

This is a wonderful choice.