Your Vote Needs To Count–Not Be Cancelled Out By An Illegal Vote

Voter fraud is a problem. There are numerous stories from various sources about dead people being registered to vote, people being told they can fill out absentee ballots for other people, etc. I was told earlier in the year about buses of union workers brought into North Carolina and given names that they were to register to vote. On election day, people claiming to be those people would vote. It was total fraud. Unfortunately, that is a problem.

The Washington Examiner posted a story today about a different aspect of voter fraud.

The article reports:

His (Donald Trump) remark came during a conversation with Art Del Cueto, national vice president of NBPC, which represents more than 18,000 border patrol agents and personnel.

Del Cueto had reportedly told Trump that scores of border patrol agents had been advised not to deport criminal illegal immigrants and instead focus on “trying to get the people who are on the waiting list to hurry up and get them their immigration status corrected.”

“Why?” Trump asked, to which Del Cueto responded: “So they can go ahead and vote before the election.”

“Big statement, fellas,” Trump told reporters who were present for the meeting. “You’re not going to write it. That’s huge. They’re letting people pour into the country so they can go and vote.

I have seen enough stories about voter registration fraud from reputable sources that nothing surprises me. Let’s institute voter ID laws and solve the problem.