President Obama Is On The Wrong Side Of History (Again)

Yesterday The Washington Free Beacon posted an article about a revision made to the transcript of President Obama’s recent speech in Israel.

The article reports:

The Obama administration stripped Jerusalem from being located in Israel in its official communication of the president’s remarks in the ancient city at a memorial service for recently deceased former Israeli president Shimon Peres.

The White House, in a press release, originally sent out a press release attributing Obama’s remarks as taking place in “Jerusalem, Israel.”

Shortly after that statement was sent, the White House reissued the statement with “Israel” crossed out as the location.

..One senior congressional aide who works on Middle East issues told the Free Beacon that the White House’s actions are offensive and out of line, particularly in light of Peres’ recent death.

“For the White House proactively reject Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after President Obama’s remarks memorializing one of the state’s founders is beyond insulting,” the source said. “This administration never misses an opportunity to manufacturer conflicts at Israel’s expense, but doing so just hours after burying Shimon Peres goes beyond the pale. It even raises questions as to whether the White House deliberately sent out this correction to make a political statement. I seriously hope that’s not that case.”

This is the equivalent of another country telling us that Washington, D.C. is not our capital. It is just ludicrous. This is not how an American President should treat our allies.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It has been the capital of Israel since the time of King David. The Palestinians have no legitimate claim to the city. The only time they actually controlled any of it was after the 1948 cease-fire. Boundaries were not set at that time–it was a cease-fire. This is another example of President Obama insulting Israel and sending the wrong signal to the Arab countries surrounding Israel that are determined to drive the Israelis into the sea.