The Ambush Was Handled Graciously

Gateway Pundit posted a story yesterday about Donald Trump’s visit to a black church in Flint, Michigan. CNN also posted a story on the event yesterday. The contrast is interesting. First of all, let’s talk about politics from the pulpit in America. It is no secret that Democratic candidates routinely speak and raise money in black churches. Republican candidates generally do not speak in churches because of concerns of the tax status of the churches. There is definitely a double standard.

So what happened when Donald Trump went into a black church in Flint, Michigan, to speak?

CNN reports:

The pastor who hosted Donald Trump at her church in Flint, Michigan, interrupted the Republican presidential nominee during his speech Wednesday to ask him to refrain from attacking his rival Hillary Clinton.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech,” Rev. Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church told Trump after walking to the podium while Trump was speaking.

Gateway Pundit gives us the rest of the story:

But prior to his visit to the church Pastor Timmons posted her intentions on Facebook.

She said,

Today is the day! We have a chance to show DONALD TRUMP than this nation is filled with intelligent, wise black citizens fo integrity many of whom live right here in FLINT, MICHIGAN. What he will see is how we are braving a manmade catastrophe. HE WILL NOT USE US, WE will EDUCATE HIM!!!

Mr. Trump handled the event graciously. He did remark later that he felt as if something was going on because the Pastor was extremely nervous.

It would be interesting to remind Pastor Timmons who created the manmade catastrophe. The Democrats have been in charge of Flint for a number of years and made the decision to stop buying water from Detroit and sign up with a regional water system; in the meantime, it was getting its municipal water from the Flint River, not noted for its pristine water quality.

The Democrats are getting support from the black churches. The Democrats are the people who have created a welfare system that has destroyed the black family, destroyed the work ethic in the black community and created generational poverty and dependence. At some point, I believe the black community and its churches will wake up to the damage done to them by Democratic policies. All of this was foreseeable–Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted the outcome of the War of Poverty policies and the negative impact they would have on the black community fifty years ago. Remember, it was Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson who stated, “I’ll have those n—–s voting Democratic for the next 200 years” as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs.

Meanwhile, the campaigns continue.