When The Spin Just Keeps Coming

Scott Johnson posted an article at Power Line today about President Obama’s interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday yesterday. The explanations regarding the problems with Hillary Clinton’s email server just seem to be getting stranger.

The article reports:

In his interview with Chris Wallace broadcast on FOX News Sunday yesterday, Obama explained that the classified information on her server wasn’t really classified and that the Top Secret information on the email server was not “really top secret top secret.”

FOX News has posted the transcript of the interview here; I quote the relevant passage here. I have embedded a video of the interview below (about 16 minutes). Obama is asked about Clinton’s email setup at 8:35 of the video.

The media coverage of Clinton’s email scandal has been pathetic. Perhaps it is too much to expect any member of the press at the White House daily press briefing today the logical follow-up questions, but I offer a few in the spirit of constructive criticism.

Will Obama now see to the immediate release of the 22 emails withheld in their entirety by the State Department from its production of Clinton’s official email? Obama has told us that the documents are not “really top secret top secret.”

If the emails are not classified, will they be released? I doubt it. What about the emails that contained information labeled “Special Access Programs” (SAP), a level above Top Secret. Are they no longer considered classified?

The article concludes:

If one remains detached from the seriousness of the issues, Obama’s comments are laughable. Taking them at face value, Obama’s comments undermine laws that his administration has otherwise enforced against journalists and government officials. Insofar as Obama is duty bound to enforce the laws of the United States, his comments are, to say the least, not really presidential. They constitute the apologetics of a pathetic hack.

The media has not covered the Clinton email story very well, but if you have a friend who has ever handled classified material, talk to them about it. The story you will hear about the seriousness of having classified material on an unsecured server is very different than the story Hillary Clinton and President Obama are telling.