A New Way Of Causing Divisions Among People

Divide and conquer can be defined in politics, sociology and economics, as a strategy to gain or maintain power. It is possible to set up artificial divisions between groups of people that prevent them from getting together exercising their freedom and rights. If a government can keep people fighting each other, it can prevent them from looking at any problems the government may be causing. It can also cause people to be preoccupied with their differences while an overly powerful government takes control. That is exactly what is going on in American today.

Here is one example reported by CBN News:

College campuses across the U.S. are participating in a poster campaign to raise awareness about “institutional oppression.”

The posters list several categories of privilege but puts an emphasis on “Christian privilege.”

“If you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege,” said the poster which originated at the University of San Francisco

…Posters put up at Virginia Tech, Oregon University, and the University of San Francisco suggests that Christians receive an assortment of unearned advantages. 

“Today, I was diagnosed with privilege”, said Elizabeth Campbell, chairwoman of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Virginia Tech. 

“Symptoms: white, Christian, straight, ‘cisgender,’ and able bodied,” Campbell wrote on YAF’s website. “Virginia Tech deciding who does and does not have privilege is not okay. Going up to a sign and reading that you should ‘check your privilege’ just because of the situations you were born into, and paths you have chosen for your life, is categorizing and dividing people further.”

Parents, take a good look at what your children are learning in college. How much is it costing you to have them fed this garbage?