An Interesting Perspective

Herman Cain posted an article in the Canada Free Press today about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In the article, Mr. Cain explains why conservatives are supporting Donald Trump despite the fact that he is not a politician with a conservative record. The reasons are actually quite simple.

The article states:

But here’s what a lot of conservatives see when they look at the big picture: The proper and appropriate people who pass judgment on Trump’s comportment have given us $19 trillion in debt, and offer “solutions” like 10-year plans that might (but probably won’t) reduce the amount added to the debt by $1 trillion or so over 10 years.

These same people have given us 12 million illegal immigrants living among us because they have refused to enforce current laws, and refuse to either start enforcing those laws or take new border security steps to ensure the problem will not get even worse.

These same people have given us a leviathan of a tax code so complicated that we Americans spend billions of dollars each year just trying to understand it – and that’s before we pay the taxes.

These same people think they’ve accomplished something grand when they manage to pass a spending bill that doesn’t shut down the government. That’s a pretty low bar, wouldn’t you say?

The fact that Trump shows no respect for any of this is not a negative in the minds of people who want to see these problems solved. They correctly perceive Washington’s political culture long ago stopped being serious about really solving these problems, and they’re tired of being lectured about how politics is the “art of the possible.” If the things that would actually work are impossible in the current political culture, the solution is not to conform to that culture. It’s to blow it up.

As I have previously explained, I am not a supporter of Donald Trump. However, I will gladly vote for him if he is the Republican nominee for President. It is time to elect a President who is not part of the Washington establishment and will not be pushed around by the Washington establishment. That would be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. I don’t see anyone else I could support.