Europe Is Waking Up, Are We?

Hot Air is reporting today that France has begun shutting down mosques. Before you begin screaming about religious freedom, let’s look at the results of their actions.

The article reports that the French have shut down mosques and raided homes of suspected terrorists. They have taken 232 people in custody or placed them under house arrest. More than 300 weapons were discovered in the raids of suspected terrorists’ homes. The items discovered were ammunition, Kalashnikov rifles, and terrorist propaganda videos.

The article reports:

But now even some of their own Imams are estimating that more than 150 more mosques may be closed. France really isn’t all that big… how many mosques do they have? To be fair to the French, though, what else are they supposed to do? They’re physically much closer to the home turf of several terrorists groups and thanks to the EU’s open border policies it’s far easier for the bad guys to move around. They’re dealing with an infestation and it needs to be stamped out. The methods probably appear harsh, but they’re doing what they need to do in order to survive.

Western civilization is at war. We can stand up and fight this war or we can play nice and lose this war (and our civilization). The people we are dealing with are playing three dimensional chess while we are playing checkers. They are also playing long term while we live in a microwave society. Unless the western world wakes up, this will not end well.