Someone Needs To Explain The Logic Of This To Me

Yesterday The Washington Free Beacon reported that America, China, France, Germany, and Russia have agreed to supply advanced equipment for the Arak nuclear reactor in Iran. The goal of the United States is to refit the reactor so that it can no longer produce weapons grade nuclear material.

The article reports:

Nuclear experts from the Department of Energy will be tasked with helping to accomplish this goal, according to Secretary Ernest Moniz.

“Under the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], one step that Iran must take is to redesign its Arak Heavy Water Research reactor, including removing its existing calandria and rendering it inoperable,” Moniz said in an Oct. 18 statement. “To support this effort, the Department of Energy’s nuclear experts will lead the U.S. effort to work with our P5+1 partners and Iran to modernize the Arak reactor, effectively eliminating a potential source of weapons-grade material.”

U.S. nuclear experts also will provide Iran with “technical advice” on nuclear issues, Moniz said.

“In addition to co-chairing the Arak Modernization Working Group, the Department of Energy’s technical experts will also continue to support President Obama, Secretary [John] Kerry, our P5+1 and EU partners, and the [International Atomic Energy Agency] through technical advice and expert consultations on nuclear matters,” he said.

This sounds great, but I think we are nuts. I can’t help but think that any new technology used to refit the plant will be carefully studied by the Iranians. Does anyone really believe that after we update the plant and leave the area, the plant won’t be quietly refitted by the Iranians for their purposes.

I am probably one of the world’s least scientific people. However, I can’t help believe that there are more than a few thorns included with the roses in this deal.