Playing Politics With The National Labor Relations Board

Yesterday The Washington Examiner posted an article about Lafe Solomon, the former acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from 2011 through 2013. Evidently his service violated the law that applies to federal appointments.

The article reports:

Solomon, a long-time board lawyer, was appointed acting general counsel by Obama in June 2010 and officially nominated to the position, which requires Senate approval, the following January. However, the Senate, then under Democratic control, never held a vote on his nomination. Solomon continued to serve through November 2013, when the current general counsel, Richard Griffin, was confirmed by the Senate.

That same year, SW General, Inc., an Arizona-based ambulance company, challenged a NLRB complaint against it, alleging that Solomon was serving in violation of 1998 law called the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. The law says that once the president nominates someone for a position that requires Senate confirmation, that nominee cannot serve until they are confirmed. It includes an exception if the nominee had previously been “first assistant” to the last person to hold the office. On Friday, the federal court sided with the company and against the board.

“Because Solomon was never a first assistant and the President nominated him to be General Counsel on January 5, 2011, the FVRA prohibited him from serving as Acting General Counsel from that date forward,” the court found.

Lafe Solomon was the person behind the NLRB’s move against Boeing when they built a plant in South Carolina.

The article comments on the Boeing case:

The case prompted loud complaints from business groups and Republican lawmakers, who argued the board was trying to make a business decision to locate in a right-to-work state like South Carolina itself evidence of a labor rights violation. The NLRB complaint was withdrawn after Boeing and the union reached a settlement in 2011.

President Obama has not been the President of the entire country. He has been the President of the special interest groups he likes–among them big labor. Remember that in the bailout of Chrysler, he favored retired union workers over secured bond holders. ( The only hope for the survival of America is to elect a President who will faithfully uphold the Constitution and follow the law. There are a few candidates who fit that description, and hopefully the American people will realize the danger their country is in and elect one of them.