Is Anyone Buying This ‘Peaceful Purposes’ Claim?

Today’s Washington Free Beacon posted an article about a new addition to Iran’s nuclear program.

The article reports:

Russia announced on Monday that it would start construction this year on a second nuclear plant in Iran, according to regional reports.

Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation made the announcement early on Monday, stating that it will begin building a second nuclear power plant in Iran’s southern region later this year, according to Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

Meanwhile, an earthquake struck Monday morning near the site of Iran’s current nuclear power plant in Bushehr, near where the second plant will be built.

The article also reports that under the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and western powers, it is not illegal for Iran to build additional nuclear plants. Then what the heck is the purpose of the agreement?????

The article further reports:

Iranian officials announced in late 2014 that it had already begun the initial stages of construction on at least two nuclear plants in the region. In November, Tehran finalized a deal with Russia to aid in the construction of these plants.

“We have entered the executive phase of the construction of these two nuclear power plants based on the contract signed between Tehran and Moscow in March to construct the plants,” Behrouz Kamalvandi, deputy chief of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, was quoted as saying at the time.

If the Senate allows the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran to take effect, we are signing our own suicide agreement as a country. The fact that Iran is continuing to build nuclear plants shows that they have no respect for the spirit of the agreement, whether or not they can legally build the plants.