Purposely Caused Chaos In New York City

Today’s New York Post reported that sanitation workers in charge of clearing the snow-covered streets purposely slowed the clean-up process to protest budget cuts.  City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) stated that a group of sanitation workers visited him and confessed to the plot.

The article reports:

“The snitches “didn’t want to be identified because they were afraid of retaliation,” Halloran said.   “They were told [by supervisors] to take off routes [and] not do the plowing of some of the major  arteries in a timely manner.  They were told to make the mayor pay for the layoffs, the reductions in rank for the supervisors, shrinking the rolls of the rank-and-file.””

This is a disgrace.  These sanitation workers should be handled the same way Ronald Reagan handled the air traffic controllers when they went on strike in 1981–he fired them for breaking the law (As federal employees the controllers were violating the no-strike clause of their employment contracts.)  The sanitation workers did not go on strike, but their actions resulted in the death of at least two people when medical emergency responders could not get through the snow-covered roads.

The New York Sanitation Department is denying the charges, but multiple sources of the Post list the ways that plow drivers are slowing the removal of the snow. 

The article reports:

“One mechanic said some drivers are purposely smashing plows and salt spreaders to further stall the cleanup effort.”

Hopefully the people behind the slowup of the snow removal will be disciplined.  They ignored the public safety issues which are supposed to be part of their job.  That is not acceptable.

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