The Dangers Around Us

Today’s Boston Herald posted an article today about the arrest of terrorists plotting to attack the building housing the newsroom of the Denmark paper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.  The plan was to shoot as many people as possible.  Think about that statement.  We need to remember that terrorists have no regard for innocent civilians who are victims of their plots–the innocent victims are seen as a positive part of the attack.  These are the terrorists we are dealing with around the world.  These are the terrorists who are currently in prison at Guantanamo.  These are the terrorists who are desperately seeking nuclear weapons.  It really doesn’t help you sleep at night to know this.

According to the article:

“”An imminent terror attack has been foiled,” said Jakob Scharf, head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, or PET. He described some the suspects as “militant Islamists with relations to international terror networks” and said that more arrests were possible.”

The article relates some of the history of what has happened since the cartoons were published:

“There have been at least four plots to attack against Jyllands-Posten or Kurt Westergaard, the artist who drew the most contentious of 12 cartoons, which were published by the daily in 2005 as a challenge to perceived self-censorship.

“”The foiled plot is a direct attack on democracy and freedom of press,” Westergaard told the German tabloid Bild. “We may not and won’t let anyone forbid us to criticize radical Islamism. We may not be intimidated when it comes to our values.”

“In January, a Somali man broke into Westergaard’s home wielding an ax and a knife but the artist escaped unharmed by locking himself in a safe-room in the house. In 2008, two Tunisians with Danish residence permits were arrested for plotting to kill him.”

Islam may want to be considered a ‘religion of peace’, but its track record tells another story.  It’s time for Muslims who do not support terrorism to stand up and say so.  If the moderate Muslim will not reclaim his religion, why should anyone accept the idea that Islam is a religion of peace?  It seems as if no country in the world is safe from terrorism at the present time.


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