Has The Obama Administration Read The U.S. Constitution?

CNS News is reporting today that Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that he did not believe a negotiated agreement should go through a “formal approval process” by Congress.

The article quotes the Secretary of State:

“I don’t think there ought to be a formal approval process,” he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, adding that the administration was consulting with Congress and that lawmakers would ultimately have to vote on lifting sanctions on Iran.

That’s very nice that he doesn’t want a formal approval process, but this is what Thomas.gov says about the role of the Senate as far as treaties are concerned:

In accordance with the Constitution, the Senate has responsibility for advice and consent to ratification of treaties with other nations that have been negotiated and agreed to by the Executive Branch.

President Obama is about to sign a treaty with Iran that will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. The President knows that the Senate will not approve that treaty. Therefore, the President does not want the Senate to have a chance to vote on the treaty. Will anyone stand up to President Obama and his total disregard for the U.S. Constitution?