There Are Consequences To Open Borders

One of the problems with the Obama Administration has been the refusal to enact even common sense measures to provide border security on our southern border. There have been reports of OTM’s (other than Mexicans) from terrorist countries coming across as well as Islamic paraphernalia found on the American side of the border. What some of us didn’t expect with the thousands of children coming across the border last summer was germs that American children had no resistance to.

On Friday The Daily Caller posted an article stating that there is evidence that the EV-D68 enterovirus that began affecting American children this fall, was the result of the thousands of children who came into America illegally across the southern border last summer.

The article reports:

Officials ”have to do the genetic analysis” to disprove or prove the link, Nora Chapman, an enterovirus scientist at the University of Nebraska, told The Daily Caller.

But there’s already more than enough statistical evidence for American citizens to demand that scientists test the viruses to see if Obama’s progressive border priorities spread the dangerous contagion throughout the country during 2014.

So far, that virus has been found in nine people — including at least three American kids — who died from illness. It has apparently inflicted unprecedented polio-like paralysis in roughly 50 kids, and it has put hundreds of young American kids into hospital emergency wards and intensive care units throughout more than 40 states. Most of the dead have not been publicly identified.

As President, President Obama is responsible for the safety and security of America. By not enforcing border security last summer, he has opened the door to suffering and death for hundreds of American children.