From The Campaign Trail

This was posted on Hot Air yesterday:

Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu said Thursday that the issue of race is a major reason that President Barack Obama has struggled politically in Southern states.

“I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans,” Landrieu told NBC News in an interview. “It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.”

Noting that the South is “more of a conservative place,” she added that women have also faced challenges in “presenting ourselves.”

First of all, Senator Landrieu has not lived in the South for some time–she lives in Washington, D.C. Her parents live in Louisiana, and she claims their address as her residence, but she does not live there. It has been more than fifteen years since she has lived there. Hopefully during that time some progress has been made in Louisiana in race relations and women’s rights.

Has it ever occurred to any of President Obama’s supporters that the problem might be his policies rather than his skin color? Or that Senator Landrieu might be losing support because she has supported President Obama’s policies?