Indications Of A Slow Learning Curve On The Part Of Traditional Republicans

Roll Call posted an article on Tuesday that stated that Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have put together a plan to help fill top staff positions of the newly elected Republican outsiders.  It is not encouraging to me that John Boehner is leading this effort; it is encouraging to me that Eric Cantor is also leading the effort.

Many times I have heard people say, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, both political parties are actually the same.  One is not better than the other.”  I totally understand that statement, and I totally understand the basis for it.  In many cases it is more true than false.  However, the reason many of the newly elected Republican congressmen are being sent to Washington is to change the status quo.  

Most newly elected Republicans will be born out of the enthusiasm of the Tea Party.  They are not interested in becoming part of the Washington establishment.  A large majority of the American people are not interested in seeing any new members of Congress become part of the Washington establishment.  There is a need for any new congressmen to hit the ground running–there is much to be done and undone.  However, many of the people elected in this election cycle are being sent to Washington to undo what has previously been standard operating procedure–not to enshire the garbage that has gone on.

Hopefully the establishment Republicans will remember that they are there to represent the people–not to build their own legacies.