A Really Good October Surprise Has To Make Sense And Be Easy To Understand

Well, some of the talk show hosts have been asking listeners to send in idea as to what the Democrats would do as an October surprise to cut their election loses.  Well, the first October surprise arrived today–but it is confusing and not really relevant to anything.  C’mon guys, you can do better than this!

Hot Air is reporting today that Gloria Allred held a press conference today to accuse Meg Whitman of having an illegal household worker for nine years.  Gloria Allred is claiming that Ms. Whitman knew the woman was an illegal alien, Meg Whitman claims that she had all of the documentation to prove the woman was here legally and had the right to work.  The household worker said she was fired when she went to the Whitmans and told them she was illegal and asked for help to become legal. 

This attempt to influence to California governor’s election totally confuses me.  First of all, in case you have forgotten, Gloria Allred was the person who was talking to the press about sexual harrassment suits against Arnold Schwarzenegger just before his election as governor.  Those suits never resulted in any charges being proven.  She also accused Schwarzenegger of being a Nazi sympathizer just before the election. Hmmm.  Do I sense a pattern here?

The situation Meg Whitman was put in by this household worker was a no-win situation.  This person had been a member of her household staff for nine years when Ms. Whitman found out the person was illegal.  What was she supposed to do?  I can’t figure out if the Democrats are trying to say that she is a horrible person because an illegal alien worked for her or if she is a horrible person because she fired the illegal alien.  Actually, I don’t think either one works.

This is a totally dumb October surprise.  It doesn’t even qualify as a good personal attack.  I really hope that the Democrats are losing their touch and will be forced to discuss issues rather than personally attack people..