An Amazing Spin On The Ground Zero Mosque

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is my candidate for the chutzpah award of 2010.  The Imam has stated that we must build the mosque at Ground Zero in order to prevent an attack similar the one that occurred on September 11th.  He stated in an interview on “60 Minutes” last night, “We have to wage peace.” 

An article posted at Yahoo News yesterday states:

“Saying that the “campaign for winning hearts and minds is an important part” of any military fight against radical extremists from his faith, Rauf said he was “ready willing and able to serve our country and serve our faith tradition.”

“”If 9/11 happens there again, I want to be the first to die,” said Rauf, who was born in Kuwait and is an naturalized American citizen. “It’s my duty as an American Muslim to stand between you, the American non-Muslim, and the radicals who are trying to attack you.””

There is nothing I can add to the above comments.

One thought on “An Amazing Spin On The Ground Zero Mosque

  1. I would add – remember, on 9/11 there were 19 (peaceable?) terrorists who also wanted to be the first to die.

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