The Washington Examiner’s Daily Outrage For September 24th

The daily outrage in the Washington Examiner on Friday was the spending of more than $50 million of taxpayer dollars to provide clean cooking stoves for developing countries in order “to reduce deaths from smoke inhalation and fight climate change.”   This is money to be given to the United Nations for this purpose. 

The article stated:

“An official for the United Nations Foundation said that, “You’re going to have to create a thriving cookstove industry that can supply both stoves and fuels that people want and need.””

First, I would like to remind whoever the person is who came up with this bright idea that the United Nations does not have a great track record on handling money.  Second of all, there is no concrete evidence that climate change (global warming) is man-made.  Third, I would like to point out that the United States has budget problems at home that need to be dealt with before we give $50 million to the United Nations.

I share the outrage!