Some Comments By Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent posted an article in the Washington Times on Thursday entitled, “Freedom versus Shariah”.  He opens his article by saying that we really don’t know what the views of moderate Mulsims are.  We don’t know if they recognize Israel, support women’s rights, want the Mosque build at a location other than Ground Zero, and respect the rights of others to burn the Koran or draw Mohammad.  Generally speaking, they are silent.

The Center for Security Policy assembled a “Team B” and just released a report about the activities of non-moderate Muslims in America.  The article in the Washington Times points out:

“The most bone-chilling finding by Team B is that America faces the threat of Islamic Shariah law slowing poisoning our legal system and ultimately destroying it. Shariah is the Islamic doctrine in which Allah rules over everything, including legal, political and military doctrine. Shariah is incompatible with a society of free and thinking people.”

This needs to be shouted from the front-page of every major newspaper in America.  Somehow it hasn’t been. 

Mr. Nugent further points out:

“Shariah will only be allowed to poison our legal system and culture if we allow it. We should stand steadfast against it, outlaw it and make it known throughout the world that America stands with freedom and that we will not allow it to be compromised out of fear of upsetting Muslims or a false belief that we can coexist with a religious revolution whose goal is to destroy America.”

One of the things I learned about while attending a briefing on terrorism recently was the concept of “abrogation.”  This is the concept that the later written verses of the Koran supersede the previous verses.  That is why a Muslim can recite a verse to you that says in essence “make friends with the People of The Book (referring to Christians and Jews)” and not mention the verses that come later that say in essence “kill the infidels.”  Unfortunately, the latter verses are the one that are recognized as the ‘latest revelation’ and thus more relevant.

We can put our heads in the sand or we can wake up and protect our country.  I vote for the latter.

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