Some Of The Things I Saw And Learned About During My Summer Vacation

During the end of August, I visited California for a family reunion and some time with my daughter and granddaughters.  During that time I drove through the Central Valley, formerly the breadbasket of the world.  What I saw was disturbing.  Farmers in California have been denied access to a major water supply (to protect a type of fish) by a judge citing the Endangered Species Act. 

An article at Newsbusters in March of 2009 stated:

“Farmers don’t have access to this water that runs right through the center of their farmland.  It is being allocated to the delta smelt, a little fish protected by the Endangered Species Act.  Conservations say the smelt are dying in the irrigation pumps, so a judge ruled they must be shut off for much of the growing season.”

A letter to the editor at the Herald and News in July 2009 stated:

“Thousands of people have also become unemployed or lost the ability to farm, which adversely affects both local and national economies.

“In addition to the California drought, there has been court-ordered protection of a 2-inch smelt fish that has stopped the pumping of water from the delta that is necessary for agriculture in central California. If it is listed as an endangered species, it’s likely that California agriculture, which supplies a third of the nation’s food supply, will be permanently changed.”

Needless to say, there is some serious anger on the part of the farmers about the water shut-off.





These are some of the signs we saw driving north on our way to a family reunion in Santa Rosa.  As food prices rise and we import more food from China, I hope some of our leaders at various levels see the folly of this policy.  We drove through miles and miles of dust bowl where there used to crops that fed people and provided jobs.  It was sad.

Now for the real reason for the trip to California!


I hope everyone had a good summer.  Now it’s time to get back to work and elect the leaders that will bring prosperity and jobs back to America.