Some Of The Truth About Benghazi Begins To Come Out

Yesterday the Washington Times posted an article about the report on Benghazi released by House Republicans. The Democrats are complaining that they were not included in the writing of the report, but if you listen to the complaints, the Democrats are claiming that the report is biased and political, but they are saying very little about the content of the report.

The report states two very obvious things–the White House was responsible for altering the talking points about the attack to avoid mentioning terrorism as the cause and Secretary of State Clinton ignored the pleas and warnings of those in Benghazi for more security forces.

The article states:

The report also found that plenty of intelligence presaged the attack, but the White House and State Department — including the secretary at the time, Hillary Rodham Clinton–failed to heed the warnings.

Fox News reported yesterday:

The 43-page report is the work of five House committees and concludes that decisions to scale back security at the Benghazi, Libya, outpost went all the way up to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The report cites a spring 2012 exchange in which Gene Cretz, the U.S. ambassador to Libya at the time, requested more security and Clinton responded by saying proceed with security-reduction efforts.

“Senior State Department officials knew that the threat environment in Benghazi was high and that the Benghazi compound was vulnerable and unable to withstand an attack, yet the department continued to systematically withdraw security personnel,” the report states.

Secretary Clinton testified that the requests for additional security never reached her, the report issued by the House Republicans shows that statement to be a lie.

Fox News also comments on the talking points:

The House Republicans’ report states the words “Islamic extremists” and links to Al Qaeda in Benghazi were removed following a meeting among White House deputies a few days after the attack.

A Republican aide told Fox News that Rice’s script was “altered” to protect the State Department for the inadequate security.

A source told Fox News the leaders of the House committees on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight have seen the emails about changing the talking points but are still trying to acquire them.

There are obviously some basic facts about Benghazi that the Obama Administration would like to keep hidden. This report is very damaging, and if the House Committee can produce written evidence of its charges (assuming the major media will report the evidence) it will be very damaging to the Obama Administration.Enhanced by Zemanta