Insantity In Our Public Schools

I am about to cite two very different stories, but both show a real need for common sense on the part of the people who run America‘s schools.

Yesterday The Blaze posted an article about a Florida high school that suspended three students for wrestling a loaded gun aimed at another student away from the gunman.

This is the story:

The 16-year-old Cypress Lake High student in Fort Myers, Fla. told WFTX-TV there was “no doubt” he saved a life after grappling for the loaded .22 caliber revolver being aimed point-blank at another student on Tuesday.

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the suspended student, not identified by WFTX because of safety concerns. “Not taking no pity.”

The student said the suspect, a football player, threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend.

Authorities confirmed to WFTX the weapon was indeed loaded, and the arrest report stated the suspect, identified by WVZN-TV as Quadryle Davis, was “pointing the gun directly” at the other student and “threatening to shoot him.”

That’s when, the teen told the station, he and two others tackled the suspect and wrestled the gun away. The next day, all three were suspended.

The three were suspended “for being involved in an “incident” with a weapon.”

The article states that “the student accused of pointing the weapon has been charged only with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon “without intent” to kill.”

The second story was posted at on Friday. It involves a 7 year-old who was suspended from school for two days because he bit the pastry he was eating into a shape the teacher said looked like a gun.

The article reports:

7-Year-Old Joshua was suspended this morning from Park Elementary School in Brooklyn Park. Joshua says he was eating a pastry during snack time and trying to shape it into a mountain, the teacher said it looked like a gun and took him to the principal’s office. Joshua’s parents were called, he has been suspended for two days. Joshua’s father says it’s ridiculous since no one was threatened or harmed by the pastry. A letter will be going home to all students of Park Elementary School this afternoon. School officials declined to comment due to privacy issues.

Where is common sense?

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