Maintaining The Status Quo Even When It Doesn’t Work

Pete I, Da Tech Guy attended the meeting of the Massachusetts Republican Party last night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Natick, Massachusetts. The purpose of the meeting was to elect a new party leader. Pete posted the story today. The opening quote on the article is Bobby Jindel’s comment, “We’ve got to stop being the stupid party.” Well, the Massachusetts Republicans didn;t get that message.

The article at has videos of the election.  Basically what happened is that a vote marked RG was not counted, and another vote was taken. Had the vote counted, it would have been a tie vote. It seems as if they voted until they got the result the mainstream Republicans wanted.

The araticle reports:

After the votes were counted the outgoing chairman asked Rick Green to announce the results, which was a victory for Kirsten Hughes. After very brief remarks Ms Hughes immediately moved for the adjournment of the meeting while activist shouted for the vote total that was not announced. Eventually she announced the vote 41-39 Hughes. As the balloting was secret we don’t know if it was just a question of the two abstaining members going Hughes or several votes changing.

Rick Green represents the more conservative wing of the party; Kirsten Hughes represents the Scott Brown wing of the party. I would like to point out that the Scott Brown wing of the party has not achieved wonderful results. Scott Brown did not really run as a Republican last time–he ran as an independent. If the people in charge are ashamed of being Republicans, what future does the Republican party have in Massachusetts?

Please follow the link to DaTechGuyBlog to read the entire story.

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