Defining The Terms Of The Discussion

The Superbowl is February 7.  It should be a great game.  The commercials are always interesting because they represent the cutting edge of what is happening in the advertising world.  They are sometimes controversial because of either the content, the approach, or the cost.  This year is no exception.

Today’s Washington Examiner posted a story on a Superbowl advertisement taken out by Focus on the Family.  The ad shows Tim Tebow and his mother talking about her decision not to abort him despite being warned by doctors of a serious health risk.  Under normal circumstances this would be an inspiring story, but we have reached the point in our culture where an inspiring story that involves choosing not to have an abortion is no longer inspiring–it’s ‘sexist’ and in some circles called ‘hate speech’ or divisive.

According to the article:

“Jehmu Greene, head of the Women’s Media Center, is leading a drive to punish CBS for airing the ad, which she claims is “sexist.””

I am looking forward to seeing the ad.


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