Some Basic Fact Checks

My Way news did a basic fact check on some of the major points of President Obama’s speech last night.  They pointed out differences between his actions and his words in a few major areas.

The proposed freeze on government spending for the next three years (if Congress agrees to it) would amount to less than 1 percent of the deficit.  The proposal is similar to the proposal President Obama criticized John McCain for during the presidential campaign.

An executive order to form a fiscal commission would have little chance of success.  The reason many Republicans voted against the idea is that they see it as a smoke screen to be used to cover Democrat tax increases.

The proposed healthcare bill has already been shown to prevent many people from staying with their current healthcare plans–for example, Medicare Advantage (with the exception made for the state of Florida).

Attempts to limit the influence of lobbyists are somewhat disingenuous.  Lobbyists have as much influence in the Obama Administration as they have had in the past.

The article also deals with the issues of transparency in this administration and jobs created by the stimulus.  The problems in these areas are obvious.

It is an interesting article, but the truly interesting part of the article is the fact that it was written.  There was a time when any criticism of Obama would have been fact checked–not his speeches.