Adding Insult To Injury

On September 4th I posted a story about the Massachusetts taxpayers being required to pay for a sex change operation for Robert, now Michelle, Kosilek, who murdered his wife in 1990.

Today the Boston Herald reported that U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf has ruled that the taxpayers of Massachusetts should also reimburse Michelle Lynne Kosilek for years of legal bills.

The article concludes:

Kosilek has survived two suicide attempts and has threatened to castrate himself over his gender distress, according to Wolf, who ruled that sex-reassignment surgery was the only remedy for Kosilek’s “serious medical need.”

It was not immediately clear how far back Kosilek’s lawyers are eligible to recover costs and fees. He has been suing the DOC for surgery since 2000.

I am sorry that Michelle Kosilek is so emotionally messed up. I am sorry that he killed his wife in cold blood, but it seems as if things are getting a little out of hand here. A person in the private sector would have to pay for this surgery themselves, why in the world are the taxpayers paying for the surgery and the court costs?

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