This Is Interesting If It Is True

The Canada Free Press has been a reliable source of information on news the American press has not bothered to report.  It is my source for this story.  I haven’t seen the story anywhere else.

On Wednesday, December 16, the Canada Free Press reported that the United Nations was planning to move out of New York City in 2015.  According to the article, the preliminary report recommends a move to Singapore, setting a target date for the completion of new headquarters in 2015. 

The article reminds us:

“In November of 2005, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan proposed renovations to the United Nations Headquarters to be completed by 2014. That plan was not approved by the General Assembly, which instead resolved to seek a new location more central to its populous member countries.”

The United Nations sits on sixteen acres of land in New York City.  There have been complaints by members of the United Nations recently about the lack of affordable housing in the United States and the United States’ ‘unfair’ immigration policies.  Frankly, when you think of some of the recent problems of the UN–food for oil, child rape by relief workers, etc., I would not be sorry to see the organization leave America. 

The UN began well–it was set up to enforce peace and protect human rights.  Unfortunately it has degenerated into a group of tyrants who surpress freedom in their own countries while asking the free countries of the world to subsidize them.  I have thought for years that America needs to withdraw from membership in the UN and let the dictators continue to run it.  What is needed is a group of democracies working together to protect human rights and deal with the bullies of the world.