There has been an October surprise in Wisconsin, in June, that has gone horribly wrong for the perpetrators. Gateway Pundit posted a story today about the Democrats latest attempt to recall Scott Walker. The Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op posted a story yesterday entitled, “Integrity: The Child Scott Walker Left Behind.” It is the story of a college co-ed who got pregnant by Scott Walker, who later ignored her, denied the child was his, and never paid child support. The Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op posted the young woman’s testimony and cited that testimony to show that Scott Walker was not a man of integrity. Well, maybe the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op is not a newspaper of quality investigative reporting–it was a different Scott Walker! The person who fathered the child was Scott Alan Walker–not Governor Scott Kevin Walker.

I can understand how this sort of mistake can be made, but when dealing with a fairly common name, shouldn’t a publication make sure of its facts before printing or posting a story. Usually October (or in this case June) surprises are effective because there is little time to dispute the story. All of us as voters need to take everything with a grain of salt that is said within a week of an election.

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