The Times They Are a’Changin’

Things are happening in Massachusetts that I never thought I would see. When I moved into the Commonwealth in 1978, I wasn’t even convinced that there were two parties on the ballot (after all, I tended to lean Democrat in those days). Tonight I attended a Republican Town Committee meeting in Plainville that was informative, upbeat, and encouraging to those of us who would like to see Massachusetts become a two-party state.

One of the highlights of the meeting was an informal presentation by Elizabeth Childs, candidate for Congress in the 4th District of Massachusetts. She is running in the Republican primary for that seat, currently held by Barney Frank, who is not running for re-election.

Mrs. Childs biography can be found on her website:

Elizabeth Childs is a dedicated physician, distinguished public servant, small business owner, an outspoken advocate, wife, mother, and community leader.

 Elizabeth has been a resident of Brookline for more than 20 years. She and her husband, Ralph Grieco, a retired Navy and Navy Reserve veteran, have two young children who attend the Brookline Public Schools. She owns and operates a successful private medical practice in Brookline. The family has traveled extensively across North America, including driving with their Airstream trailer to the Arctic Circle and spending weeks camping in the Alaskan wilderness.

 Solid roots as a distinguished medical doctor

 Dr. Childs is Board Certified in Adult, as well as in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has an extensive background in providing services to people with serious mental illness, which includes work in both the private and public sectors.

 After graduating from Mount Holyoke College and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Dr. Childs became Chief Resident in Adult Psychiatry at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, where she also completed her fellowship in Child Psychiatry. She associated with Carney Hospital in Dorchester, and served as Chief and Director of Psychiatry from 1996-2003. She also served as President of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society and Chair of its Legislative Committee.

Mrs. Childs briefly laid out her goals and ideas for representing the people of Massachusetts. She stated that she believed that we should not look to Washington for solutions to every problem–solutions come from individuals. She pointed out that we need to stop increasing the national debt–debt enslaves our children. The demographic in the 4th District in Massachusetts tends to be fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Mrs. Childs perfectly fits that demographic. She believes that she can win the independent vote. She also cited the example of Scott Brown as a Republican who is able to work with people of both political parties in order to get things done. She plans to follow that example if she is elected–pointing out that partisan bickering often prevents Congress from doing things that need to be done.

No matter which political party they support, most people understand the need for a two-party system. The parties will always have their differences, and sometimes that stands in the way of progress, but the parties also hold each other accountable and attempt to keep each other honest–that is something desperately needed.

The meeting was informative and encouraging. Democracy depends on the participation of citizens in government. It is always good to see people excited about their state government and willing to get involved.


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  1. I hope she wins. Massachusetts deserves better than what it has now.

    But it’ll take a heap of doing to undo what the Left has done there over the years.

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