Totally Stupid Career Moves

My award for totally stupid career move of the year goes to Joe Muto, a former producer on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.” Yesterday┬áreported that Mr. Muto was fired less than twenty-four hours after Gawker revealed that it had placed a more within the organization of Fox News. Mr. Muto had worked for Fox News for eight years when he was recruited by Gawker to be a mole in that organization. He was paid $5000 for his services and worked for one day after Gawker announced that he was there.

This whole story seems to be on the level of the Darwin awards. Aside from the stupidity of throwing away an eight-year job and future career for a quick $5000 on the part of Mr. Muto, why in the world did Gawker announce that it had a mole in Fox News? It seems to me that one of the necessary traits of a mole would be secrecy. Why in the world would Gawker blow the cover on its own mole? I question the wisdom of everyone involved in this  scheme.

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