Giving Money To The Rich At The Expense Of The Poor

No, I am not about to support the class warfare that President Obama is planning to use to win a second term in the White House. What I am referring to is the fact that under the budget suggested by President Obama government subsidies for people who purchase a Chevy Volt will be raised to $10,000 while the scholarship program in Washington, D.C. will be eliminated.

Hot Air posted a story yesterday on the budget.

Speaking of the D. C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP), the article states:

Enrollment increased 60 percent last year, with parents “rushing” to sign their kids up, after the new GOP House renewed the program for five years. That’s the good news — since Congress is likely to become redder this fall, the GOP will be able to force a penny-ante budgetary matter like this on Obama even if he’s reelected. The bad news is that O is so deeply captive to public-school teachers’ unions that he’d rather risk the optics of canceling a school-choice program for poor kids knowing that it’ll end up in the budget anyway than embrace it and anger his PEU cronies. Loathsome.

Meanwhile, people who can afford a $50,000 car will get a tax break which will cost the government $100 million each year if it is approved by Congress, presuming only 10,000 new-technology autos are sold each year.

This is another example of the Obama Administration telling Americans what to buy. It is a political move designed to shore up environmental support for President Obama in an election year. Meanwhile, the students in Washington, D.C. are tossed aside.

I think this President has his priorities backwards.

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