The Dangers Of A Biased Media

It really isn’t a secret that the media wants four more years of President Barack Obama (although I can’t understand why). Before you complain that I am biased, I would like to remind you of the name of this blog. I don’t have a problem with media being on one side or the other–I just want everyone to be honest about where they stand!

Big Journalism posted a story today that should enrage every American.

The story states (and includes a video):

Yesterday, on MSNBC, left-wing journalists Chris Hayes of The Nation and Ezra Klein of the Washington Postno strangers to Democrat-media collusion–revealed that they had been part of an off-the-record White House briefing in which it was made clear that President Barack Obama planned all along to let the temporary payroll tax holiday expire, and then blame Republicans.

The media bias impacted the negotiations–the Republicans also knew that the President was willing to let the tax cuts expire and then blame them. They also knew that because of the media bias, they would not be able to convince the American public that they were not responsible for the end of the payroll tax cut.

The article further reports:

According to Hayes, “everyone in Washington” knew that Obama wanted the payroll tax extension to fail–and yet the same journalists eagerly covered the subsequent payroll tax debate as if Republicans were the only obstacle to an extension. The result of the media’s collusion was a year-end political victory for Obama and the Democrats at the expense of House leaders, the Tea Party, and Republicans in general.

Shame on the media for not doing their job of objective reporting.

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