The Money In Climate Science

Yesterday John Hinderaker at Power Line posted a story about James Hansen, one of the leaders in the fight to convince the world that global warming is real and man-made.

The article reports:

It recently came out that James Hansen, one of the two or three most prominent global warming alarmists on whose work the IPCC reports rest, “forgot” to report $1.6 million in outside income, as required by his government contracts. Is that significant? Well, yes: A handful of scientists, including Hansen, have gotten wealthy on climate alarmism. They have an enormous financial interest in the faux science they have done so much to perpetrate.

Mr. Hinderaker points out that being a global-warming alarmist can be very profitable. The federal grants go to the people who claim that we are in serious danger, and the exotic speaking engagements go to the more radical proponents of global warming.

There is another aspect of this that I find extremely interesting. There is a website called that shows some of the locations of the temperature gauges the global warming people are using to monitor temperature changes.

This is a sensor in Marysville, California.

This sensor is in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Note that it is very close to both the house and the air conditioning unit.

There are more pictures available at

I am probably one of the least scientific people on the planet, but even I have figured out that when you stand near an air conditioning unit, the air next to that unit tends to be a bit warmer than the air farther away.

We need to understand that there are climate cycles that occur naturally. We are not in control of the climate–either in a positive or negative way.

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