Windmills Lead To Zoning The Ocean

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WCAI.FM, National Public Radio's Cape Cod Radio Station has kept track of the debate on putting windmills off the coast of Massachusetts.  The first part of the article deals with local progress on the issue:

"The Cape Cod Commission has submitted an appeal to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, claiming the state Energy Facilities Siting Board overstepped its authority when it overruled the commission and gave Cape Wind all the local and regional permits it needs to move forward; Gov. Deval Patrick sent some folks to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to hear people's thoughts on placing wind turbines on public lands; the first floating wind turbine has been installed; and a new survey finds that a goodly portion of Massachusetts residents are concerned that NIMBYism has impeded the Cape Wind project."

This is an interesting issue.  I live in Massachusetts, and to be honest, I thought the idea of windmills had successfully been killed by the Kennedy family and Walter Cronkite.  I knew the governor was pro windmill, but his popularity has been dropping like a stone, so I am surprised to see him going ahead on this.  I believe moving ahead is a good idea, I guess that's why I'm surprised to see it happening.

Anyway, now the story moves to Washington, D. C.  President Obama is creating The Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, which will make recommendations to the president on protecting ocean and Great Lake resources as they experience "growing demands" from "renewable energy, shipping and aquaculture."  Good grief--more government!!

The link above is to the NPR station blog which deals with the ongoing saga of wind power in Massachusetts.  It points out that there are four other states preparing to set up wind turbines--New York, Texas, Rhode Island, and Delaware.  I strongly suggest you follow the link in the first paragraph of this post and read the entire story.  It looks like we are going to have zones in the ocean just as we do in our cities!

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