The Firing Of Gerald Walpin

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Today's Washington Post has some further clarification on the charges against Gerald Walpin.  The charge that he was disoriented and confused stem from a meeting of the Corporation for National and Community Service on May 20.  According to the Washington Times:

"Our witness, a staff member, said the board was hostile and rude. He said the board repeatedly interrupted Mr. Walpin and peppered him with questions on multiple issues. He fully confirmed Mr. Walpin's account that the board excused Mr. Walpin for 15 minutes and that when Mr. Walpin returned to find his notepapers out of order, the board refused to give him time to get them straight." 

The article further points out that an inspector general can only be removed for a specific just cause.  Evidently, there is really no just cause for his firing.  It will be interesting to see how far the Obama administration will go to see this man removed from office.  He essentially got in trouble for blowing the whistle on some very powerful friends of Barack Obama. 

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