The Democrat Party Unveils Its Healthcare Bill

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Yesterday the House Democrats unveiled their healthcare proposed.  According to The Hill yesterday:

"Though the Democrats have established a clear target for expanding coverage, they acknowledged that questions remain about how to pay for the bill, which will require a combination of politically difficult cuts to Medicare and Medicaid along with some new taxes. Healthcare bills being written in the Senate have been estimated to cost more than $1 trillion."

One of the problems with the proposed bill is that it will create a government-run healthcare plan that would complete for business with private healthcare insurance companies.  This is basically unfair competition.  The government can set the reimbursement rates on hospital and physician services that are so low that private companies cannot complete with the costs of the government program.  This is not only detrimental to hospitals and physicians, it will eventually drive private health insurance out of business.  This will eventually end competition in the healthcare industry.  Industries without competition have no incentive to become more efficient--instead they generally become bloated and less efficient.

The other aspect of this that is not being discussed is the amount of information the government will have access to about all of us if this bill is passed.  Do you really want the government to know everything about your medical history and current medical problems? 

If you truly want to improve out healthcare, pass tort reform.  Change the way medical lawsuits are handled--bring reason into the courtroom.  That will cut the cost of malpractice insurance and thus cut the cost of medical care for all of us.

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