The Black Panther Voting Intimidation Case To Be Revisited

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According to Commentary Magazine, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights sent a letter to Loretta King, Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, demanding an explanation for the Obama Justice Department's dismissal of a default judgment against the New Black Panther Party in connection with a case of  voter intimidation on Election Day on November 4, 2008.  This is the link to the YouTube video of what happened, You Tube.

The article points out:

"It should be noted that Congressman  Lamar Smith (R-TX) has already sent a similar letter to the Justice Department demanding an explanation for the dismissal. It should also be noted that if the Justice Department stonewalls, the Commission does have the right to issue subpoenas and to investigate the matter further. Perhaps the Commission will get to the bottom of this issue and determine who in the Justice Department overrode the decisions of career lawyers and why the Justice Department chose to abandon a successful prosecution of the most egregious case of voter intimidation in recent memory."

The video says it all.  None of the committees in Congress that are supposed to oversee this sort of charge have said a word.  I hope that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will pursue the case.  I don't want to have to walk past a group of Black Panthers with clubs to vote in 2010. 

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