A Governor With A Backbone

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Power Line had a post yesterday about Tim Pawlenty, the Governor of Minnesota.  Minnesota is having the same budget problems that the country (and most Americans) are having--too much going out and too little coming in.  Well, Governor Pawlenty has definitely dealt with the problem.  The Democrats in Minnesota attempted to pass $1 billion in tax increases.  Governor Pawlenty vetoed the increase and his veto was upheld--all Republicans voted to sustain it and two Democrats joined in.  The Democrats then refused to pass a balanced budget (required by law in Minnesota).  Next, according to the article:

"Gov. Tim Pawlenty today announced plans to cut $300 million from aid to local governments, $236 million from health and human services programs, $100 million from higher education and to defer nearly $1.8 billion in payments to K-12 schools as he made good his promise to unilaterally slash spending to balance the state's budget.

Pawlenty's plans would eliminate the $2.7 billion shortfall left after the legislative session that ended last month."

I'm sure there are some people complaining about the cuts, but I am also sure that there are many people cheering them.  As people begin to realize that higher taxes and increased government spending impede economic growth rather than create it, we will need more leaders like Tim Pawlenty.

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